Sorcery Quest plays out within a world filled with magic and wonder. It is a vast world divided in regions. At this time, 4 regions are available.

Each region has different mazes divided in multiple levels. Mazes are explored to solve quests, find treasures, special items and gold and to make the story progress while your characters grow stronger as they gain experience points.

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Drebinheim Edit

The first of those regions is Drebinheim, the town in which players start out their adventures. It is a small and cozy town, in the middle of a calm forest. But that does not mean it is boring!

The town itself houses several citizens, some of which offer services to the player's party.

Mazes in Drebinheim Region Edit

Gokoda Village Edit

The second region is Gokoda, located in the mountains next to Drebinheim. This region is inaccessible at the beginning of the story, but later (after the first episode is completed) the snow melts in the mountains and your party can explore this new region. Villiage unlocks after you complete the Eye of Gigaram quest.

The Gokoda Village offers similar services as Drebinheim, including a new shop selling new powerful and exclusive items and an Arena to duel in separate 2-vs-2 ladder fights.

Mazes in Gokoda Region Edit


The Third Region Is Paladia, the seat of the King, this region is accessible after the second episode is completed. Your first visit here lands you in prison for murder and you must free yourself.

Mazes in Paladia RegionEdit

Abandoned Village of Kraal Edit

The Fourth Region is Kraal, a nearly unhabited island on which a sorcerer hid, this region is accessbile after the third episode is completed.

Kraal's shop doesn't have anything than some potions of return, keys sold for tokens and some scrolls sold as well for tokens. You can't even sell items.

The village also lacks an arena.

However, housing is free.

Mazes in Kraal Region Edit