Edgebee's servers are to close by April 20th. If you're interested in helping preserve the game, please join the Discord chat below, and update this wiki with as much info as you can!

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Hello People!
If you too have problems with the chat, please join my Discord-Server!
The Server seems to still be in shambles chatwise, so that is my way to get into contact with you! You only need a Discord-account!
The Link to the server is:
If you have any problem with getting that started, you can contact me via Message InGame. Please contact one of the following accounts!
I am timmshii, Kaze_No_Uta, jirachi.
Kind Regards~~~
Welcome to the Sorcery Quest wiki!
Sorcery Quest is a web based RPG featuring deep gameplay and a rich multimedia experience.
Developed by Edgebee Studios inc. it can be played on the Edge Arcade portal, Kongregate, or Armor Games.
This site contains everything you need to know about the game and more.


Create a group of adventurers and embark on a fantastic journey where you will fight evil monsters and gain experience, find treasures, gold and fame, create your own guild, and, if you dare, enter the arena and challenge other players!

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