A guild is an association of one to eight players. Being in a guild allows sharing of unused characters between guild members. It also adds a visual tag to the player's name when displayed.

There are different rules that can be set by the guild's leader.

Such as:

  • whether or not members can assign skill points to the characters that do not belong to them.
  • whether or not members can modify the equipment of characters that do not belong to them

Guild leaders may invite new members or kick out existing members.

Guilds provide several benefits including sharing items and characters, as well as being necessary for guild achievements. When sharing characters, you can decide what influence other players have over your characters' equipment, skill points, attributes, and even their ability to be recycled. When you do share characters for the story mode, all experienced gained for your character remains as you share it.

If you share a character and allow someone to modify it, this can help give a new perspective of a different way to fight your battles.

Creating a guild has no prerequisites, so anyone can create one.

If you're searching for a guild or wish to recruit for one, see this page for open guilds or searching players.